At Wealth Preservation Concepts, LLC, we specialize in working collaborativly with other professionals to craft the best results for their clients.

As a player on any collaborative team, when I do my job the man or woman to my right or left can depend upon me and focus all their attention on doing their job.  This leads to a higher probability of success for everyone.”

This is the life and business philosophy we choose to bring to the table.
So what do we do at Wealth Preservation Concepts, LLC?

We facilitate a collaborative environment where family concerns, asset protection, business succession, control, tax planning, liquidity needs and philanthropic planning come together to form a cohesive, well-integrated plan.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about who we are, what we do and the ways we can be of assistance to you. Better yet, why not call us to schedule a consultation? We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss your particular concerns and goals, and get to know one another.

Life Insurance Design

If you have a Life Insurance need or would like to determine if you need life insuurance we can help.  Alternatively, maybe you have an old life insurance policy and you really don’t remember why you bought it?  Do you want to stop making premium payments?   Did you know that policy might hold significant value to your family beyond the policy cash value? 

Call our office at 866-696-1123 or call Randall Borkus directly at 312-952-7214.


Design Services

At Wealth Preservation Concepts, LLC we collaborate with a client’s advisory team including their financial advisor(s), CPA, risk manager, attorney, and others to gather detailed information on client’s lifestyle, goals, and needs.  Using this data we create a comprehensive deliverable report analyzing possible estate planning, business succession planning, and family succession planning opportunities available to the client and what the effects of those strategies may have on the family over time.

Back Office Services

We are able to provide back office services to financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals by assisting with marketing and presentations, review of documents and existing plans, drafting of advanced planning documents, analyzation of cash flows for individuals and businesses, and much more.

Implementation Oversight

We work with attorneys, advisors, and other professionals to educate both the professionals and clients, create and manage the accountability schedules, and provide ongoing coaching to the clients and advisors to ensure the custom designs continue to work as planned.

Life Insurance Design

At Wealth Preservation Concepts, LLC we recognize that families of all levels of wealth and their advisors require varying levels of assistance to properly design, implement, and servicing their life insurance portfolios.  We assist our clients and their advisors with the detailed planning required to accomplish the family’s needs and goals.  We understand that a family’s life insurance portfolio may be an integral part of their multi-generational wealth and business planning therefor it must be carefully implemented and monitored.

Our experience has taught us that life insurance is often the least managed asset a family may have.  This experience has led us to create the necessary processes to aid our clients and their advisors put together the appropriate life insurance tools and carefully monitor the assets to provide the best results possible.